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Jul 30, 2014


I wanna Love you, but I’m just too cynical.

You just have to keep driving down the road. It’s going to bend and curve and you’ll speed up and slow down, but the road keeps going.
― Ellen DeGeneres (via projectunbreakable)
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I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
Hafiz (via projectunbreakable)
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It’s hard to see in colour when you’re miserable
Billy Talent - Saint Veronika (via amateur-gynaecologist)
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need more friends with wings
all the angels i know put concrete in my veins
i’d always walk home alone
so I became lifeless just like my telephone
Billy Talent - Nothing To Lose (via justtofindourlatestloss)
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I made a little edit
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I made a little edit

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Apr 30, 2014

What is a family?

What is a family? No I mean really, What is a family? I felt like I couldn’t live without mine. I felt (for lack of a better word) burned. It stung that my family wanted nothing to do with me. I see differently now though. I see everything that I didn’t see before. I never want to surround myself with human beings that don’t know how to be just that. My 19th birthday for instance. I was going to have a party. This party was for my mothers birthday, my step-dads and my birthday party, all in one. Our birthdays were all three days apart so it was just easier. Let me just say that most of my mothers male friends have hit on me. This one in particular was John. He always gave me the creeps. I told my mother that I didn’t want him there because of a dirty comment he had made towards me. My mother bitched and wined about how embarrassed she felt about having to un-invite this man who made jabs at her little girl. Yes I was 19 yes i was of age But that’s not the point. This man had held me as a baby. It felt so wrong, but she didn’t get that. Not only did she not understand that but she really didn’t care. My mother told me stories about how she was forced to do unspeakable acts as a child in Hungary by some of her own family members. She told me stories about how she would try and speak up but nobody believed her. So why would she turn around and treat me the same way she vowed she would never treat her own child? So what is a family? Family is love. Family is vowing to always be there for that person because it’s the right thing to do. Family is unconditional love. I vow to find just that. Because I know that there is a better world out there, with better people. People who believe in doing the right thing. Because we are all after all the miracle of life. Anything can happen.